Designed to Support Bend Beav Parents during the Pandemic.

Little Beavs Child Care is designed as a temporary, short-term service for faculty, staff and student parents in the OSU-Cascades community.  The service is being developed in response to changing K-12 and pre-school schedules caused by the pandemic, and with input from Bend Beav parents.

The service would allow parents to leave a child in care for short periods while they take time to attend or teach a class and manage their daily lives.


A: The service is for parents who are students or employees of OSU-Cascades.

A: Yes, we are planning to convert two classrooms in the Graduate & Research Center into child care rooms with age-appropriate furnishings.

A: Since we are trying to limit the level of activity on campus, we are not requiring you to stay on campus while your child is in care. However, you do need to be within 15 minutes of the center and accessible by phone.

A: You may leave your child for a full 3.5 hour session either in the morning or afternoon Monday through Friday but not for both sessions.

A: No, Little Beavs Child Care will be a license-exempt center.

A: We are working with our Master of Arts in Teaching elementary education faculty to staff Little Beavs Child Care with student employees and a classroom lead for each group of children.  

A: The service is designed for children ages five months to fifth grade.

A: You must reserve a spot for your child in advance. The Oregon Health Authority provides clear guidance on how child care programs must operate during Oregon’s phased reopening. These guidelines center around the formation of stable groups of children. Groups will be formed for an entire academic term.

A: Following Oregon Health Authority guidance, Little Beavs Child Care staff will form groups of, at most, 10 children. Children cannot transfer between groups.

A: Little Beavs Child Care will be open Monday to Friday. Currently we are planning morning groups from 8 to 11:30 a.m. and afternoon groups from 1 to 4:30 p.m. The number of groups to be cared for during these times will be determined by demand and staffing. Rooms and furnishings will be cleaned according to Oregon Health Authority guidelines between morning and afternoon sessions and after the afternoon session.

A: Due to limited capacity and the inability to mix children between groups, you must register for a space in a group rather than a designated day of the week. You will be required to pay a flat monthly rate for the group regardless of the days you use the service.

A: Our elementary age group staff will provide remote learning support pods. Your child will need to bring their device and their school work. The classrooms have Wi-Fi and space for children to help them continue their learning.

A: Little Beavs staff will follow all Oregon Health Authority and State Early Learning Division guidelines to create stable groups, follow recommended sanitation procedures and work with parents to make sure sick or exposed children stay home. We continue to gather information from community and industry experts to support the health of our child care staff and your children. More details will be available as our comprehensive guidelines are completed.

A: Rates for the Little Beavs Child Care service are:



Students needing additional financial support can apply for child care assistance. Contact

A: Complete the online application. Spaces are limited due to Oregon Health Authority restrictions.

The service can help parents succeed as they pursue their professional, academic and personal goals during these challenging times.
If interested in using the Little Beavs Child Care service or for questions, contact