Student Support Programs

Student Support Programs

ASCC is proud to provide students with resources to help during these stressful circumstances. Whether it is help with paying for child care, paying for groceries, accessing education about anti-racism, or finding resources in the community, we are here to assist you.

We are here to help

Sometimes students need a bit of help to get through the school year, and whether that is assistance with the cost of childcare, extra food to get you though the week, or supplies to get you through the day ASCC is here to assist you. 

Check out Student Fee Committee for information about student fees, clubs, and campus development funds available for the 2023-24 academic year.

Child Care Subsidy Application

This application is a way for ASCC to help support our student parents, it is not intended to cover the entire cost of child care. 

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ASCC Food Pantry

The ASCC Food Pantry exists primarily to support students experiencing a lack of access to food, poverty, and food insecurity. We have options for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets as well as we understand these types of food may be out of a college student's budget. We also have a variety of self-care items. Students and non-students are welcome, we serve everyone!

Learn more about the ASCC Food Pantry

ASCC's Textbook Lending Program

Textbooks are available to all students in the Library on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a yearly student fee budget allocated to the OSU-Cascades library to purchase course reserves for students.

Follow this link to the OSU-Cascades Library to see a full list of available textbooks.

Safer Living Initiative

ASCC and OSU-Cascades offer free safer-sex, menstrual, or health products on campus. Lack of access to these products can result in disease transmission and health problems. In addition, the lack of products disproportionally affects low-income and at risk students. ASCC will offer free safer sex and health supplies to students, funded by student fees in each restroom on campus. We are also sharing resource hotlines and resources available to students on campus.

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Housing Subsidy

The cost of living can adversely affect some students, so we are here to help.  Apply now prior to the start of each term for an up to $500 housing assistance grant to offset your expense. Qualifying information found in the application below.

Housing Subsidy Application