ASCC Positions

ASCC Executive Positions

Are you interested in gaining applicable skills in leadership and communication while giving back to the OSU-Cascades community? Joining the Associated Students of Cascades Campus will provide great opportunities with life-experience, connect you to high-ranking campus officials, and allows you to make friends on campus. Requirements for each position can also be found in our constitution.

Elected Positions


  • 20 hours each week, mandatory 8 hours in the office
  • The ASCC President guides priority setting for the team to organize and conduct administrative business and correspondence
  • Assist in the creation of and chairs the ASCC Elections Committee
  • The position also spends time overseeing other ASCC positions
  • Serve on the Co-Curricular Council which focuses on everything that impacts students outside of the classroom
  • Work closely with the VP during the fee setting process
  • They help guide the other ASCC Directors with their initiative setting


Vice President

  • 20 hours each week, mandatory 8 hours in the office
  • Assists the President in all affairs
  • Fills in for President should the current President be absent
  • Holds chair on and manages the Student Fee Committee 
  • Schedules weekly SFC meetings, and other fee-related meetings 
  • Student Fee Committee allocates all funding using student fees, including clubs, professional development, Cascades Adventures, ASCC, Events Council, Programs, and more. 
  • Assists in monetary affairs relating to the Student Fee Committee


Director of Legislative Affairs

"The Director of Legislative affairs organizes and directs student voices on ASCC, OSU, and other outside organizational priorities. They gather student testimonials, sign students up for lobby day, and recruit students in civic engagement. To accomplish this they direct and organize tabling, class raps, surveys, and receive feedback on ASCC legislative priorities. "

  • 15 hours each week, mandatory 5 hours in the office 
  • Represents OSU-Cascades students on a state-wide level by traveling to Diversity conferences
  • Lobbies for higher education and support for OSU-Cascades expansion in Salem 
  • Serves our students in any legislation relating to or affecting OSU-Cascades 
  • Sits on weekly phone calls with Oregon State University's Director of Gov Relations

Selected Positions

Director of Public Relations

"The Director of Public Relations is responsible for representing ASCC to the students. This includes making posters and flyers for the team, having a social media presence for ASCC, making Beaver Tracks, and handling branded merch for ASCC. The Director of PR’s goal is to positively represent ASCC and be a well-known presence at OSU cascades."

  • 12 hours each week, mandatory 6 hours in the office 
  • Requires graphic design skills 
  • Knows Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, Canva
  • Has access to the Adobe suite applications on a personal device 
  • Creates and maintains the ASCC brand
  • Orders ASCC branded gear for handing out at events
  • Purchases any promotional materials associated with ASCC
  • Works closely with the Director of Administrative Affairs
  • Updates the ASCC website
  • Takes and edits team photos
  • Creates content for social media and website platforms 
  • Encouraged to show creativity when designing any flyers or any materials


Director of Inclusion

"The Director of Inclusion works to promote inclusivity and celebrate diversity on our campus. This position also runs the student equity lounge and does outreach with clubs on campus to reserve the space for events. This position also works to program events and provide resources to students by collaborating with staff and community resources."

  • 10 hours each week, mandatory 5 in the office 
  • Shall take primary executive responsibility for ASCC activities that promote diversity and inclusion, to heighten cultural sensitivity and racial integrations; to create a more inclusive university community.
  • Shall work with, and represent, the underrepresented student populations on campus.
  • Shall coordinate with OSU-Cascades Diversity Coordinator in order to create programs and events.
  • Shall advocate with students of underrepresented groups on campus.
  • Shall work with student organizations and campus initiatives to further enhance multicultural inclusion on campus.


Director of Graduate Student Affairs

"The Director of Graduate Student Affairs works to represent graduate students within the ASCC council. This includes voicing opinions and voting on legislative affairs. This position also works to plan events and professional development programming for graduate students using student fee money. As the only designated graduate student position within Student Life, this position works as a liaison to the various cohorts and academic partners within the Graduate School."

  • 10 hours each week, mandatory 5 in the office 
  • Represents Graduate Students as a voting member of ASCC
  • Coordinates with Graduate Recruitment and Program Support Coordinator
  • Voices Graduate Students Issues & Concerns
  • Educates Graduate students on ASCC & student resources available to them
  • Coordinates with Events Council to create graduate-centered programming
  • Acts as the liaison among the graduate students, program faculty, and the college and Graduate School administrations


Director of Sustainability

"The Director of Sustainability Initiatives will serve as a student sustainability advocate for OSU-Cascades. They will oversee the on-campus student greenhouse, assist with campus-wide sustainability initiatives, represent the student body on the OSU-Cascades Sustainability Subcommittee and OSU Sustainability Advocates Committee, produce sustainability events such as Beyond Earth Day and Fresh Produce Fridays, encourage offices and labs to achieve OSU Green Certification, and collaborate with community organizations to advance sustainability priorities."

  • 10 hours each week, mandatory 5 in the office 
  • Shall take primary executive responsibility for ASCC activities that promote natural resource conservation, climate resiliency, and sustainable operations.
  • Shall work with student organizations and campus departments to further enhance sustainability on campus.
  • Shall work to establish and operate the student greenhouse on-campus.
  • Shall work with university administrators to create and hire a Pro-Staff Sustainability Coordinator position for the campus.


Director of Administrative Affairs

"The Director of Administrator Affairs works very similarly to an office manager. This position keeps the office tidy, organizes files, and makes sure all office supplies are stocked. This position also holds the responsibility of keeping the budget up to date with purchases and other expenditures. Director of Admin Affairs is responsible for taking meeting minutes, enforcing parliamentary policy, and interpreting the ASCC constitution."

  • 12 hours each week, mandatory 6 hours in the office 
  • Manages the ASCC budget 
  • It takes weekly meeting minutes to ensure that all students can see what their student government talks about
  • Manages the ASCC office space to make sure it is an open and welcoming environment
  • Orders office and cleaning supplies 
  • Supports other ASCC positions as needed
  • Completes all monetary based paperwork for the business office 


Director of Student Advocacy

"The Director of Student Advocacy is the director of the Food Pantry on campus, runs the Child Care Subsidy Program, as well as manages the Safer Living Kit Program. This position also enacts any other programming that is for the students of this campus. An example of programming implemented in the 2019-2020 school year was Fresh Food Tuesday. This position is to represent the student's voices as best as possible and create programming for the students to enjoy or essentially make their day-to-day lives easier. "

  • 12 hours each week, mandatory 6 in the office
  • Promotes and manages the growth and productivity of the childcare subsidies program
  • Manages the Food Pantry Program including recruiting volunteers to manage the day to day operations of the program
  • Coordinates and develops any other support services initiatives and programs in coordination with the remaining ASCC executive members
  • Maintains a list of all ASCC volunteers 
  • Maintains Safer Living products 

Chief of Staff

  • New job description coming soon