What is the teacher/student ratio?

The teacher student ratio is approximately 1:4. Professors are devoted to students’ work and create an individualized program of study for each student mentee.

What is the demographic of your students?

Our graduate students come to us from top-ranked universities all over the country and from a wide variety of academic majors and post-collegiate careers. We accept students of all ages and backgrounds and welcome diversity.

How selective is your program?

We do not enroll to meet certain quota; accepted applicants must meet our very high standards and demonstrate the ambition, talent, self-reliance and collegiality to thrive in our low-residency MFA Program.

What is the basis for admission?

The basis for admission is your work, your background and goals as a writer, our sense that we are a best fit for your writing career, and your demonstration of the self-reliance and collegiality needed to thrive in a low-residency MFA Program.

Can I write in more than one genre?

MFA students are admitted in a single, self-selected genre but have the opportunity to write and study across genre—and even to challenge the notion of genre itself. We work across disciplines and styles to find the most true, most meaningful, most nourishing ways to make art and support one another’s art-making. There is an emphasis on hybrid- and cross- genre work (through common texts and assignments), mixed-genre seminars, and faculty and visiting artists who work and teach in multiple mediums.