What is the Baccalaureate Core? The Baccalaureate Core curriculum represents what the OSU faculty believe is the foundation for students' further understanding of the modern world. Informed by natural and social sciences, arts, and humanities, the Baccalaureate Core requires students to think critically and creatively, and to synthesize ideas and information when evaluating major societal issues. Importantly, the Baccalaureate Core promotes understanding of interrelationships among disciplines in order to increase students' capacities as ethical citizens of an ever-changing world. Use the OSU-Cascades Baccalaureate Core guide help plan your Baccalaureate Core experience at OSU-Cascades. Each OSU undergraduate completes the Bacc Core.

OSU-Cascades Baccalaureate Core Course Guide 2020-2021

Important Note: 2021-2022 Bacc Core courses will change. Use the guide above for specific academic year only.

OSU-Cascades Bacc Core website