Strength from Family, Faculty and Fellow Students

Myra Flores '23

Myra Flores

Social Science ’23

“You’d be a good lawyer!” Myra’s high school friends would tell her after she argued her point of view in class. In fact, Myra had always imagined herself in a courtroom one day.

The daughter of immigrants, Myra found strength watching her mother thrive as she worked long hours to help support her family. “I saw her determination and heart. She instilled that in me, too,” said Myra.

A transfer student who took a six-year break from her studies, Myra also found strength in her new faculty and fellow students at OSU-Cascades. They encouraged to pursue a Layman research project looking at perceptions of inclusivity and safety among people of color in Bend, to advocate for students as the ASCC legislative affairs director and to keep time at a live TV broadcast of an Oregon Gubernatorial Debate

Her major is a source of strength, too.

“Social science is the basis of so many things - communication, ethics, your own morals and reactions,” she explained.

It’s all given her the confidence to apply to law schools and prepare for that courtroom she has always envisioned.

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