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To increase student engagement in experiential learning through research and scholarship mentored by OSU-Cascades faculty.


This program is made possible due to the generous support of Doug Layman and Daisy Layman.


    Each award (per student) includes (updated 4/20/22):

    • $2,000 award to the student. Student awardees must be enrolled in any 6 OSU-Cascades course credits and will receive two $1,000 scholarship dispersals (Summer 2022 and/or Fall 2022). 
    • Up to $500 for student supplies and/or student travel related to the project. 
    • Any unused funds will be returned to the Layman Fellowship program for award to future students.

    Eligible projects and requirements

    • Faculty-mentored student research/scholarship projects appropriate to the discipline are eligible for funding. The faculty mentor is responsible for identifying an appropriate project together with the student.
    • All full-time (1.0 FTE) OSU-Cascades faculty members are eligible to be a mentor.
    • All OSU-Cascades students are eligible. Requirements include:
      1. Document 90 hours of work, signed by the mentor, and completed within one calendar year of the project start date.
      2. Presentation of the project at the annual OSU-Cascades Student Research Symposium with an acknowledgement indicating support from the Layman Fellowship program on their poster/project. If the student is unable to present at the OSU-Cascades Symposium, the faculty mentor and student can identify an alternative presentation venue.
      3. Completion of an online form at the conclusion of the project to summarize accomplishments and impacts on the student’s educational and/or career trajectory. The summary will also note where the student presented the project, and will include long-term contact information for after graduation such as email, phone number, and mailing address.
    • Faculty mentors agree to participate in program evaluation activities including surveys, interviews, student applications/acceptance to graduate school, job placement, etc.

    How to apply

    1. Application form can be found here.
    2. Student will connect with a faculty mentor to identify an appropriate project. The application form requires students indicate that they have approval from the faculty mentor for the proposed project. 
    3. The application includes:
      1. Information about the student and faculty mentor.
      2. Description of the project (background, aims, methods, anticipated outcomes).
      3. Role of the student, faculty mentor, and other Layman Fellow applicants on the project.
      4. Statement of anticipated impact on student’s education and/or career goals.
      5. Budget for supplies and/or travel, up to $500.
        1. For information regarding travel see the business office website.
      6. Project timeline.
    4. Submit completed application by 5 p.m. on the deadline date.


    November 15 (for January 1 funding) and May 15 (for July 1 funding), annually.

    Review criteria and process

    • Application scoring rubric can be found here.
    • The review committee will be comprised of two faculty members and an administrator who oversees the Layman Fellowship program. Faculty members on the committee will not review/recommend their own students’ applications for funding.
    • All complete and well-developed applications will be recommended for funding. All proposals recommended will be funded, given sufficient funding.
    • Additional considerations may be included if more proposals are received than can be funded, including student financial need, student characteristics (e.g., under-represented group, first generation college student), representation of multiple disciplines, and faculty mentors. The intention is that recipients represent the OSU-Cascades student body.

    In future years the track-record of mentors’ students completing their projects, and the quality of symposium presentations will also be considered.

    Number of awards

    • Total budget is $50,000 per year for 4 years, for a total of $200,000.
    • The total number of projects to be awarded in one fiscal year is 19. While the actual number could vary, approximately ten projects will be funded in July and nine in January.
    • Any funds unspent on funded projects, and/or funds not awarded in a given year, will be rolled into the pool of funds for the following year.

    QUESTIONS? Contact Dr. Chris Hagen, Director of Research, OSU-Cascades.