Student Mentor Major Project Title
Cedar Edell Ann Petersen Biology Tardigrades - Natural History in Central Oregon
Myranda Hudson Ann Petersen Biology Catching Evolution in Action in Central Oregon Rivers
Sarah Palmer Antoniou Ann Petersen Natural Resources Oceanic Stickleback Pathophysiology
Aubrey Sills Shannon Lipscomb Psychology Examining Relationships Between Children's Adverse Experiences, Resilience Factors, and Cortisol Levels
Amber Lamet Seth Ganzhorn Natural Resources Urban Ponderosa Pine Regeneration: Environmental and Biological Drivers
Taiontorake Max Oakes Matt Orr Biology Beaver Dam Analogs for Restoration of Riparian Woody Vegetation
Bella Krevitz Christine Pollard Kinesiology The Influence of Maximal Shoes on Walking Biomechanics in Younger and Older Adults
Joshua Murray Yong Bakos Computer Science Exhibit X - An Interactive Digital Media Exhibit
Irma Ranzuglia Shannon Lipscomb Human Development & Family Sciences Examining Linkages Between Teachers' Resilience Factors and the Quality of Teacher-Child Interactions


Student Mentor Major Project Title
Anthony Brande Ann Petersen Biology The Concentration of Estradiol and Thyroxine in Threespine Stickleback in the Deschutes River
Brittnye Freeberg Matt Orr Biology The Western Tent Caterpillar: An Examination of Plant Detoxification
Deidre Heil Ann Petersen Biology Presence of Vitellogenin in Central Oregon Stickleback
Haley Jordan Pat Ball Biology Investigation of the Microbial Content of Canada Geese
Joshua Alexander Amy Watson Business Administration Typologies of Wasteful Spending: Exorbitant Recreational Purchase Behavior
Melanie Widmer Julie Elston Business Administration Growth and Performance of Listed Firms in the United Arab Emirates
Brian Hoffman Marc Rubin Computer Science Deep Learning to Detect Avalanches in Seismic Data
Makeila Lundy Marc Rubin Computer Science Deep Learning to Detect Avalanches in Seismic Data
Nathan Struhs Yong Bakos Computer Science Rapid Restoration
Michael Wittenburg Chris Hagen Energy Systems Engineering Electric Motor Testing and Optimization for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Propulsion System
Mary Cukrov Brianne Kothari Human Development and Family Sciences Examining Capacity and Efficacy of Resilience Building
Erin Qadir Brianne Kothari Human Development and Family Sciences Normalcy as a Component of Well-Being: Defining and Measuring Normalcy in Foster Youth
Sherri Dean Tim Burnett Kinesiology Bioenergetics of Rock Climbing
Jacqueline Diulio Christine Pollard Kinesiology The Effect of Midsole Cushioning on Running Mechanics
Kelsey Peters Tim Burnett Kinesiology Bioenergetics of Rock Climbing
Corrinne Oedekerk Matt Shinderman Natural Resources/Sustainability Who Moved My Penstemon? Systematic Direct Observations Paired with Camera Traps Query Historical Perceptions of American Pika Behavior
Lynnea Fredrickson Nick Dahl Speech Communication Digital Technologies in Public Speaking Classes and its Effects on Communication Pedagogy
Kaylin Landry Beth Marino Social Science A Qualitative Analysis of Local Foods, Consumers, and Agriculturalists in Central Oregon
Gabriel McFarlane Andrew Hawley Tourism, Recreation and Adventure Leadership Bioenergetics of Rock Climbing and its ApplicationĀ to Training
Vivianne Burson Jenna Goldsmith University Exploratory Studies Impacts of Geomagnetic Storms within the Ionosphere