Science Pubs

Science Pubs are where we take science out of the laboratory and bring it into the community, with food and drinks.  Join us for fascinating discussions with researchers from throughout OSU and OSU-Cascades. 

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Research Talks

In these monthly talks, students, faculty and staff have an opportunity to hear from OSU-Cascades researchers about their latest work. The talks are free, informal, and coordinated through the OSU-Cascades Associate Dean of Research, Shannon Lipscomb.

WHEN: 12 – 12:50 p.m.

Please feel free to bring your lunch, and please encourage both colleagues and students from any discipline to attend these talks.

Skuyler Herzog, Assistant Professor of Natural Resources

November 15 in Obsidian 205
Title: The future of baseflow in Central Oregon rivers. Can stream restoration mitigate climate change?


JJ Hannigan, Assistant Professor in Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

December 8 in Obsidian 205
Title: MAXimizing running footwear for injury prevention and performance: current research and future directions


Melinda Knapp, Assistant Professor of Education

January 24 in Obsidian 207
Title: Co-Learning for Equity: Harnessing Co-Noticing as a Dynamic Tool in Advancing Equity-Oriented Mathematics Instruction


Braden Engel, Instructor in Arts, Media, and Technology

February 22 in Obsidian 207
Title: Artifice of the Absurd: Visual Representations of Architecture in Myth


Additional talks are also being scheduled for March – June, 2024


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