Cascades Research and Scholarship Fellows

Student: Bethany Burr
Mentor: David Phillips, JJ Hannigan
Project Title: A Comparison of Muscle Recruitment Patterns between Recreational Dancers and Non-Dancers in Drop Jump Landings

Student: Rebekah O'Neill
Mentor: Xiang Zhang
Project Title: Exploring Adaptive Equipment Solutions for Persons with Cerebral Palsy to Increase Participation in Physical Activities

Student: Isaac Brickner
Mentor: Patrick Donnelly
Project Title: Generating a large-scale dataset of music features and emotion pseudo-labels

Student: Luke Donaldson
Mentor: Skuyler Herzog
Project Title: Upper Crooked River Spatial Assessment of NDVI As An Indicator of Floodplain Health

Student: Brayden Morse
Mentor: Xiang Zhang
Project Title: Examining different parameters' impact on manifold-microchannel heat exchanger performance through porous medium and experimental approach.

Student: Gabriella Morescalchi
Mentor: Xiang Zhang
Project Title: Prototyping and testing of a self rotating heat exchanger to validate its feasibility 

Student: Mark Landman
Mentor: Kyle Webb
Project Title: The Raven Altruism Project

Student: Shane Fritter
Mentor: Rebecca Webb
Project Title: The Raven Altruism Project

Student: Ethan Quine
Mentor: Skuyler Herzog
Project Title: Adding Telemetry to Data Collection in the Crooked River for Remote Access

Student: Analiska Dominguez
Mentor: Scott Geddes 
Project Title: Quantitative Analysis of Gluten Content in Foodstuffs Using Multichannel Plate ELISA Absorbance Measurements 

Student: Matthew O'Malley-Nichols
Mentor: Patrick Donnelly
Project Title: Algorhythms

Student: Samiera Mason
Mentor: Shannon Lipscomb
Project Title: Warm and Supportive Parenting to Combat Adverse Childhood Experiences on a Child’s Social Skills of Empathy and Advocation for Themselves and Others in Early Childhood Development 

Student: William Stewart
Mentor: Skuyler Herzog
Project Title: Evaluating the geographic and hydrologic variables that influence groundwater stability in Central Oregon

Student: Alex Miesbauer
Mentor: Patrick Donnelly
Project Title: Concert Program Note Extraction

Student: Allison Barr
Mentor: Brianne Kothari
Project Title: Relationships


This Fellowship is similar to the previous Layman Fellows program. Click here for the list of Layman Fellows