Cascades Research & Scholarship Symposium
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
12-2 p.m.
Obsidian Hall

The Cascades Research & Scholarship Symposium is an annual showcase of undergraduate projects and research. The work is presented as posters or lightning talks during a two-hour symposium.

Students, faculty, staff and community members are invited.

Who can participate?

OSU-Cascades undergraduate students of all majors. Appropriate projects and research include individual or collaborative work, conducted with faculty or the larger Central Oregon community as class or capstone projects. The Symposium Committee reserves the right to select participants to ensure a diversity of topics, research groups, and programs.

How do I submit a poster or lightning talk?

To participate, complete one application per poster or lightning talk, and submit required information by the Wednesday, May 15 deadline. Presenters are highly encouraged to attend lead-up events to receive feedback.

What should I expect during the symposium?

Please show up a few minutes early to situate yourself and attend the opening remarks. Presenters should dress business causal. Unless you have to leave for class, presenters are expected to stay for the entire duration of the event (2 hours).


Posters must be 48” x 36” (4’ x 3’) and follow OSU branding. Typical poster sections include a description/literature review, methodology/process, outcomes/ conclusions, and impact/next steps. Always include a title, names of group members, faculty mentors, award/grant support and sponsors (this includes URSA Engage and Layman Fellowship).

Lightning Talks


Lightning talks are becoming more common at professional conferences across the nation. From the sciences to liberal arts, these talks allow presenters to share research and projects that might not always fit within the confines of a poster.


Lightning talk presenters have 5 minutes: 3 minutes of presenting and 2 minutes for one question. Participants will receive a PowerPoint template, and must use five or fewer slides.