Learning Goals

The art degree at OSU-Cascades offers a studio arts option, as well as minors in studio arts and art history. As an art major, you’ll build your awareness and understanding of the historical, technical and contemporary aspects of art. Explore how art shapes our society while shaping your own development as an artist. Your degree will also help you develop the critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills that are the hallmarks of a liberal arts education. 

Art Learning Goals and Objectives

Our faculty to student ratio allows students to receive individual attention both in and out of class. Studio art classes are taught by professors and working artists with MFAs, rather than graduate students.

  • Our students develop their own artistic voices, concepts, and vocabulary while honing technical skills.
  • Students learn the traditions of drawing, printmaking, painting, and sculpture and may combine these areas with performance, installation, and moving-image.
  • Studio art majors participate in solo and group reviews of their work.
  • Professional development is included in the studio as well being the focus of Art 411, a seminal course with practical skills for transitioning to top-tier graduate schools and careers in the arts.