Current Students

New Student Preparation

   Textbook and Materials:

  1. Needed before classes start, instructor expectation is that Chapter 1 is read by the first class meeting.
  2. Required lab kits must be purchase before classes begin.
  3. Use the OSU Beaver Store to plan and purchase materials.

   Engineering Student Accounts and Tools:

  1. Engineering accounts must be enabled before the start of class.
    This can be done using the link on the login page to TEACH here:
  2. Step through the Connect Workshop for new College of Engineering Students.

   Laptop Requirements

  1. All new students are required to have a wireless laptop for use in their classes. The College of Engineering at OSU committed to promoting technology and using it to develop a more engaging and innovative learning experience for our students.
  2. Check out the Laptop Requirements video for details. Read more

Computer Science Academic Resources

All computer science students will review the COE Undergraduate Policy Manual to be aware of the policies and requirements specific to this college.

Check out the College of Engineering Academic Support Services. Most are available remotely to also serve OSU-Cascades students.

Each computer science student will work with the computer science advisor at OSU-Cascades to create academic plans and clarify policies and process. Students must plan their schedules carefully to meet departmental, college, and university graduation requirements. This website includes resources and tools to help students plan effectively.


•    Program Degree Requirements
•    Computer Science Courses
•    Schedule of classes by term