MAT Early Start

The OSU-Cascades MAT Early Start program allows admitted students to start taking classes before the cohort year begins in summer. This is a great opportunity for students who want to get started right away, those who haven't been in school for a while and want to take one or two classes early to ease into the program, or those who want to split up tuition over a few more terms!

Quick Facts

  • The cohort year is the summer to summer year in which full-time students complete the bulk of their classes and all of their student teaching
  • The Early Start program is only available for those who will attend full-time during their cohort year and/or will be pursuing an ESOL endorsement
  • If you take Early Start coursework, you will still complete the program in June at the end of your cohort year. You will not complete the program early because you have taken Early Start coursework, but you will have a slightly lighter coursework load throughout the cohort year due to completing coursework early


You may apply to fall, winter, or spring terms to take Early Start classes. You must contact the Graduate Student Recruitment Coordinator in advance to apply for the Early Start program. Deadlines for each term are as follows:

Fall Term Deadline: August 15
Winter Term Deadline: December 1
Spring Term Deadline: March 1

Early Start Coursework

Fall Term

Elementary non-ESOL: ED 513
Elementary ESOL: ED 513, ED 579

Secondary non-ESOL: ED 513
Secondary ESOL: ED 579

Winter Term

Elementary non-ESOL: ED 514, ED 572
Elementary ESOL: ED 514, ED 572, ED 576

Secondary non-ESOL: ED 572, ED 514
Secondary ESOL: ED 572, ED 576

Spring Term

Elementary non-ESOL: ED 563, ED 569, ED 522
Elementary ESOL: ED 563, ED 569, ED 522

Secondary non-ESOL: ED 522
Secondary ESOL: ED 522

Student enrolled in fewer than three credits per term will receive an email from the graduate school regarding a three credit minimum. This email does not apply to Early Start students prior to beginning their cohort year in summer.