OSU-Cascades Department of Public Safety

Mission and Goals
  • To ensure the safety of all who come to OSU Cascades to learn, work & visit.
  • To protect the property of OSU Cascades and the personal property of students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus.
  • To promote student success by maintaining a welcoming environment conducive to the educational process.
  • Director and two officers:  Public Safety directory here
  • Uniformed but unarmed (Baton and Pepperspray only)
  • All vetted and experienced (Psychological screening and criminal background checks)  
  • First responders - medical emergencies, fires, alarms, security incidents.
  • Crime prevention - uniformed patrol, security cameras.
  • Security of buildings – access control.
  • Point of contact - liaisons to Bend emergency services (Fire/Police/EMS).
  • Education & training - emergency preparedness (fire drills to active shooter training).
  • Lost and Found - storage and return.
  • Safety Escorts - vehicle and on foot.
  • Vehicle jumpstarts - dead battery assistance
  • Enforcement of university regulations.
  • Parking enforcement as mandated by the university.