Bikes on Campus

How to Lock Your Bike

It is a best practice to:

  • Use both a U-Lock and a heavy chain or cable lock
  • Lock both the frame and wheels to the bike rack
  • Take your lights, removable accessories, and helmet with you
  • If the seat has a quick-release mechanism remove it and take it with you

Bike Registry

Register your bike on the OSU-Cascades Transportation page in case it is stolen.

Bike Safely Guidelines

  • Bicycles should not be operated on sidewalks or other walkways.
  • Bicycles should be operated in a safe manner
  • Bicyclists shall maintain a safe speed.
  • Bicyclists should yield to pedestrians.
  • Bicyclists should wear a bicycle helmet whenever riding a bicycle on or off campus.
  • Bicyclists should always follow all appropriate cycling rules, laws, and common sense. 

OSU Bike Policies

OSU Policy for Use of Vehicles, Non-motorized Transportation, and Parking

Oregon State Laws

Bicyclists have the same responsibilities as drivers of any other vehicle; the rules of the road apply to bicycles.

Oregon Revised Statutes:

Campus Bike Impounds

Campus Safety monitors the condition of bikes left at bike racks and may impound a bike per University Standard: 07-025.   If your bike is no longer where you left it, call Campus Safety (541) 322-3110, as it may have been stolen or impounded.

Conditions that may lead to a bike being impounded:

  • Abandoned next to an academic building for more than 5 days
  • Left anywhere that creates a safety hazard
  • Front and rear tires both flat
  • Covered in cobwebs
  • Missing parts like wheels or handlebars
  • Attached to a railing, tree, light pole, or sign
  • Blocking a walkway
  • Found inside a building (OSU-Cascades campus bikes in designated areas exempted)

If a specialist observes any of the conditions above, an impound notice will be left on the bike. If the bike is not repaired to operating condition within 24 hours, it may be impounded.

All impounded bikes are held by Campus Safety for 30 days. If the owner does not claim their bike in that timeframe, the bikes may be disposed of per university policy or sent to OSU Surplus Property