Cascades Rentals

Rentals available for low or no cost

Cascades Adventures offer low or no cost outdoor equipment rentals for the OSU-Cascades students! We are located in the Office of Student Life located on the first floor of the Residence Hall building, Room 118. Cascades Adventures also facilitates outdoor trips programing and an outdoor recreation resource library (trail guides & maps, field guides, skills & training books, environmental writings and more). There is a wide range of equipment including camping, backpacking, bouldering, mountaineering, canoeing, stand up paddling and more that is offered through the rentals program. Inter-departmental rentals are available upon request. Please inquire at the Office of Student Life or email
Please Reference Our Rental Policies at the Bottom of this Page Before Renting Equipment!

Rental Deposits

Equipment rentals deposit information coming soon!

Hours of Operation

Mondays  10 am - 4 pm
•    Tuesdays  10 am - 4 pm
•    Wednesdays  10 am - 4 pm
•    Thursdays  10 am - 4 pm
•    Fridays 10 am - 4 pm
•    Closed during weekends, university holidays, and campus clousures.

Reserve Equipment

Link for Online Rental Request Form

Walk-in rentals are available at the Office of Student Life during hours of operation. The Office of Student Life is located on the first floor of the Residence Hall building, Room 118.

Rental Policies

  • Each renter is responsible for knowing how to properly operate and care for the equipment that they are renting. Additionally, renters must understand the limitations and suitability of the equipment they are using. Please inquire before rental pickup if needing instructions for equipment operation, care, limitations, and suitability.

    • Renters are responsible for inspecting the equipment before leaving the office and noting any issues with Cascades Adventures staff.

    • If equipment is found to be damaged, defective, or missing components, the renter must immediately return the item. An exchange of comparable equipment will occur as supplies allow.

  • Renters are responsible for returning all items on time and in the same condition issued (excluding normal wear and tear). Renters who fail to return the equipment, for any reason including but not limited to loss or damage, will be charged a fee on their student account. 

  • Equipment must be picked up and returned to Cascades Adventures' office during operating hours.

    • All equipment must be returned in the same condition by the end of operating hours on the return date. All late returns will be charged a late fee.
    • Renters who return equipment late and/or leave equipment outside the office will be charged a late fee.

    • Dirty, damaged, lost equipment, repairs, cleaning, or replacement costs will be assessed and charged a fee on their student account.

    • Equipment may only be rented a maximum of one week at a time (some exceptions apply). 

  • Eligibility to rent equipment is limited to OSU Cascades Students, Staff, and Faculty with a current OSU Cascades ID card.

  • Online reservation requests must be made a minimum of two days in advance.

  • Walk-in rentals are available during operating hours, however, please allow yourself ample time (≈45 min). The ability to fulfill a walk-in rental request is not guaranteed. Submitting an Online Rental Request Form at least two business days prior is the best method to help ensure you are able to rent the gear you want!

  • Each renter may up to two sets of equipment in order to outfit themselves plus one additional person (some exceptions apply). The renter will be responsible for both sets of equipment regardless of who is using / who has used the other set of equipment.

  • Reservation cancelations can be made in person or by email during regular operating hours.

  • During serious outdoor conditions (e.g. extreme cold/heat, elevated levels of smoke/air quality index, ice, wind, etc.), we reserve the right to pause rental services (including equipment checkouts) due to these conditions. This is to help maintain the safety of our rental staff. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Faculty and Staff

    • Faculty and Staff will be charged a $25 termly rental membership fee. Please contact Ellsworth at to arrange payment before your first rental of the term.

      • Faculty and Staff will be held to the same rental policies (see above) that Students are held to.

      • If there are more requests than we have equipment, priority will be given to fulfilling Student requests before Faculty and Staff requests.

      • Student membership fees are included with their Tuition and Incidental Fees.

Questions about our rental policies?

Contact us at or call us at 541-322-3116