The OSU-Cascades Diversity Committee meets on the third Thursday of the month.


Diversity Committee

Diversity Committee Goals and Strategies

Goal One: Provide ongoing opportunities for faculty, staff and students to increase their understanding of the benefits of a diverse and inclusive campus community and to develop skills to facilitate such a community.

  • Develop ongoing programs in multiculturalism open to staff, faculty and students.
  • Develop diversity training for New Student Orientation and new faculty and staff orientation.

Goal Two: Identify, assess and communicate the diversity resources that are available for students, faculty and staff.

  • Develop an OSU-Cascades Diversity website which lists resources available at OSU-Cascades and direct links to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access in Corvallis.
  • Create a yearly survey for students/faculty/staff to assess our work in diversity.

Goal Three: Develop and implement plan/strategies for recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and students of color.

  • Offer Search Advocacy training for our staff and faculty and have all Diversity Committee members participate in this training.
  • Make diversity an important aspect of the yearly evaluation and promotion system for all faculty and staff.
  • Work with Recruitment and Student Success in recruitment and retention of students of color.

Goal Four: Create a welcoming and inclusive campus for all students, faculty and staff.

  • Develop a space in the new campus construction for a Multicultural Center.
  • Develop ongoing programs that stress the importance of diversity.

Goal Five: Provide educational opportunities for students that develop the skills necessary to live and work in a multicultural world.

  • Create a First-Year Experience that integrates multiculturalism.
  • Work with faculty to implement and integrate multiculturalism into existing and new curriculum.


Jenna Goldsmith, Instructor, Writing
Beth Marino, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Program Lead for Social Science

Bahman Abbasi, Assistant Professor, Energy Systems Engineering
Gabby Bangert, ASCC, Legislative Director
Jim Bouziane, Director of Public Safety
Heather Broughton, Instructor, Anatomy and Physiology
Natalie Dollar, Associate Professor, Speech Communication
Emiko Dubose, HDFS Faculty Research Assistant
Sara Freedman, Web Communications Specialist
Julie Gess-Newsome, Dean of Academic Affairs
Debbie Goff, Academic Advisor and International Student Coordinator
Kathy Lawrence, Counselor
Nicholas Martin, Resident Director
Erika McCalpine, Instructor, Business Administration
Dianna McGinnis, Head Academic Advisor
Lura Reed, Human Development & Family Sciences Instructor
Norm Rush, Instructor, Accounting
Lindsay Webster, Instructor, Teacher and Counselor Education