Initiated in 2007, OSU’s Search Advocate program enhances integrity, effectiveness, and diversity in the university’s hiring practices. Search advocates are OSU employees trained as process experts in search and selection. They complete a series of workshops addressing current research about diversity and cognitive bias, the changing legal landscape in hiring, inclusive employment principles, specific steps to strengthen each stage of the search process, and effective approaches to participation on search committees in the advocate role. 


Search advocates engage with search committees throughout the search and selection process, beginning with position development, and continuing through the hiring decision and integration of the new faculty or staff member into the organization.  At every stage, they serve as consultant/participants, advocating for the search process and helping committees identify practices that minimize the effects of unconscious, unintentional biases. 

Advocates promote diversity by

  • Sharing current information
  • Recommending inclusive/affirmative strategies
  • Supporting full committee and stakeholder participation
  • Consulting with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access as needed

In partnership with search chairs, search committees, and hiring officials, they affirm OSU’s high standard for excellent and inclusive search/selection practices.


Search Advocates: Mission, Principles and Priorities

Search Advocate Website

OSU-Cascades Search Advocates

Windy Adoretti
Stephanie Beamer
Kathy Biles
Corey Brown
Jesse Chaney
Thomas Cooke
Rachel Dudley
Amy Ford
Donna Harris
Tori Howes
Andrew Ketsdever
Laura Kloss
Hannah Kuehl
Terri Libert
Shannon Lipscomb
Kira Lueck
Dennis Lynn
Tania Mahood
Carmen Martinez
Erika McCalpine
Emily McDonald
Bryce Mitchell
Desiree Ness
Brian Palmer
Diane Pritchard
Geoff Raynak
Ron Reuter
Jane Reynolds
Amelia Roberts
Erin Rook
Sara Seifert
Kelly Smith
Kristin Steinke
Sharon Van Dusen
Kim Vierra
Lori Waters
Kara Witzke
Jordon Zardinejad