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First-Year Seminars

First-Year Experience courses are designed to aid in the first-year students transition to college academics, college life, and OSU-Cascades community.

Fall First-Year Experience Courses

ALS 199 U-Engage: Cascades, Academic and Personal Success (2 credits)

Commensurate with U Engage's "project-based learning" mandate to expose students to a "real-world problem or compelling question in [an] area of expertise," this course asks the question: "What stories does the OSU Cascades community have to tell, and how can we bring those stories to light?" In addition to the classic U Engage model, wherein student are exposed to different services our campus has to offer, as well as student success strategies, students in this course will become competent communicators in a variety of forms. U-Engage courses are open for all first-year students and are appropriate for all majors. The classroom environment encourages students to build community.

BI 198 Biology and Zoology First-Year Seminar (1 credit)
This seminar is appropriate for first-year biology majors. Faculty and researchers present various aspects of biology and introduce you to the biology major at OSU. Join our biology faculty and connect with your major early.

CS 160 Computer Science Orientation (3 credits)
CIS 160 is an introduction to the computer science field, major and profession. Students will be introduced to computer programming and work together to solve problems.

KIN 131 Intro to Kinesiology (1 credit)
Overview of the field; career opportunities in exercise and sports science and other professions dealing with the discipline of human movement; orientation to support services. This course is appropriate for first-year kinesiology majors.

MIME 101 Introduction to MIME (3 credits)
This course gives students an overview of the energy systems engineering major as well as mechanical, industrial and manufacturing engineering fields.  Students will gain an understanding of the academic curriculum, careers, technical areas of study associated with this program.