Live-On Policy

Oregon State University - Cascades believes that the first-year live-on requirement is essential to supporting students’ transition to the university and success in their academic progress. We recognize concerns have been expressed about college students living in residential communities due to the uncertainty created by COVID-19. In accordance with guidance from health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Oregon Health Authority, county health departments and other health agencies, significant planning has gone in to designing public health strategies to strive to prevent the potential spread of the virus throughout the university and within OSU residence halls.

Still, we recognize that there may be reasons why some students – or their families -- do not feel that living on campus is in their best health interests due to COVID-19. Because of the broad availability of coursework that can be accessed remotely and the unique circumstances of the global pandemic, the OSU-Cascades is broadening an available exception students may wish to claim to the First-Year Experience Residency Requirement for fall term of the academic year 2020-21. In contrast to the previously stated distance exception, students who are living with their immediate family at an address on record with OSU as the student’s original address, regardless of the distance from campus of that address, will be approved for an exemption to the first-year live on requirement after completing an exemption request. 

Students who have a medical condition that puts them at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 per guidance from the CDC also may request an exemption. These students should begin by working with the Disability Access Services Office (DAS) to identify what reasonable accommodations are needed. Once DAS makes a determination that an accommodation to be exempted from the first-year residence requirement is appropriate, the student would submit an exemption request noting their approved accommodation and the exemption will be approved.

Students who meet the requirement for the live-on policy must comply with this process at any time during the academic year they begin their studies at OSU. Students beginning their studies in the fall term are obligated for fall, winter, and spring terms. In contrast, students beginning their studies in the spring term are obligated to this policy only for the spring term.

While participation in the FYE, including the residency component, is an integral part of each first-year students’ education, OSU recognizes that exceptions to the residency requirement may be appropriate in certain circumstances.

Policy Documents

2020-2021 Live-On Policy

Live-On Policy FAQs 

Students apply for an exemption from the First Year Experience Live-On requirement as part of the housing application on the myHousing portal. Students will be notified on a rolling basis of the committee decision as applications are processed. For general questions on OSU’s live-on requirement, or questions regarding exceptions or appeals, contact Residential Education and Housing.