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The FORCE Lab is located on the OSU-Cascades campus in Edward J. Ray Hall.

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1500 SW Chandler Avenue
Bend, OR  97702
Email: jj.hannigan@osucascades.edu or david.phillips@osucascades.edu


The FORCE Lab is a biomechanics laboratory that provides cutting-edge research and intervention strategies for injuries. We seek to optimize musculoskeletal function and performance, prevent injury, and promote general well-being through the study of human movement. 


Outcomes of FORCE Lab research are be used to assess and improve injury prevention programs, provide evidence for effective medical interventions and rehabilitation practices, and improve efficiency and performance of a variety of human movements.

Kinematics and Kinetics

Kinematics are analyzed using three-dimensional motion capture technology and high-definition two-dimensional video. Kinetics are collected via force plates to measure ground reaction forces and their effects on joint loading and health.  Movements of interest range from simple functional tasks across the general population as well as complex athletic movements in both recreational and elite athletes.