Facilities & Equipment


The FORCE Lab is located on the OSU-Cascades Campus in Edward J. Ray Hall.


Qualisys 3D Motion Capture System

The FORCE Lab is equipped with a 10-camera 3D motion capture system as well as two high-speed video cameras for synchronizing video with 3D kinematic data.

AMTI Force Plates

Kinetics (forces and moments) of any weight-bearing movement can be measured by three AMTI biomechanics force plates embedded into the floor of the FORCE lab.

Delsys EMG System

An 8-sensor wireless electromyography (EMG) system allows us to measure muscle activation and timing for any dynamic task.

XSENSOR Plantar Pressure System

 Wireless insoles placed directly in the shoe allows us to map the pressure or forces underneath the foot during a variety of movements.


Wireless sensors attached to body segments during movement can measure the linear and angular accelerations of each segment, as well as calculate joint angles without the use of motion capture cameras.

Biodex System 3 Dynamometer

The Biodex dynamometer is the gold standard in measuring muscle strength around any joint using isokinetic dynamometry. 

Sony RXO II Cameras

This system allows us to record video data outside of the lab and use Theia3D to analyze kinematics of the recorded movements.


Qualisys Track Manager (QTM)

QTM software allows us to collect and perform initial processing of our motion capture data.


Visual3D applies processed data from Qualisys to a biomechanical model and reports and a number of biomechanical variables including joint angles, moments, power, and ground reaction forces.


Using deep-learning algorithms, Theia3D can perform markerless motion capture (no reflective markers on participant), a new and exciting development in the field of biomechanics.