Your support ensures that every student who wants to earn a degree at OSU-Cascades, can. Here are a few examples.


Getting Ahead from the Beginning

Joel Gochez '24 is from Bend and feels lucky he can stay in his hometown and go to OSU-Cascades. Psychology is his passion, and he dreams of becoming an educational psychologist one day. Instead of worrying about work and loans during his freshman year, Joel can focus on academics. “Receiving a scholarship has allowed me to enjoy my classes and learn as much as I can,” he said.



Fueling A Dream

Taha Elwafati '23 wants to reshape the country’s political landscape. At Summit High School in Bend, Taha served on student government. The experience ignited his passion for public policy and human rights reform. Now at OSU-Cascades and majoring in social science, Taha is developing political and leadership skills by serving in student government. A scholarship from the Bank of the Cascades Endowed Scholarship Fund has helped Taha prioritize his education. With two brothers also at OSU-Cascades, the cost of college was already significant for his family. Learn more


Strength through Scholarship

Scholarships helped lighten the load for kinesiology student and U.S. Air Force veteran Jessica Hofherr '21. The awards also boosted morale. “Just being noticed was enough to get me through another grueling — and enjoyable — term of scientific literature at OSU-Cascades,” she said. After graduating this year, Jessica is off to earn a doctor of physical therapy program in Colorado. She’s pumped — and feels set up for success.



Kitchen Waste to Compost

Potato peels and coffee grounds on your kitchen counter got business major Zach Heninger '20 out of bed in the morning. Zach is passionate about sustainability. So much so that when he was a student, he launched Project GreenBin, a service that partnered with local farms to turn kitchen waste into compost. It was a lot to juggle, a double major, a part-time job waiting tables, and growing and running a business. But he was committed, and a scholarship from the Cascade Seed Fund for Innovation and Entrepreneurship made a big difference. “It meant I could worry less about tuition and focus my energy on my degree and Project GreenBin.”


Make A Gift