Intern Abroad

IE3 Global provides high-quality study abroad, internship, research, exchange, and faculty-led programs to the students of our partner campuses throughout the Northwest and beyond. Combining the former Oregon Abroad and IE3 Global Internships under one banner, IE3 Global administers programs in over 50 nations across the world.

International Internships with IE3 Global 

If you have relevant experience in your field and are seeking to contribute your skills and knowledge to an international host organization, consider an international internship through OSU's IE3 Global program. IE3 Global provides high-quality, internships to the students of OSU, as well as our partner campuses throughout the Northwest and beyond. Internships are best suited for students interested in an independent experience abroad that requires greater self-motivation and is fully immersed among host nationals.

Explore Your Options

Explore international internship opportunities provided by IE3 Global Internships. These are OSU-approved programs through which you can earn OSU resident credits and fulfill various requirements toward your OSU degrees.


When choosing an internship to apply for, take a moment to consider your needs and concerns. What makes a good internship to you? What makes you a good candidate for the program? In addition, ask yourself why you are interested in interning abroad versus studying abroad.

Once you begin your internship, you are expected to contribute your skills and knowledge to the host organization as a member of staff. While this is an opportunity for you to learn and gain, your on-site supervisor and colleagues will see you as a capable member of their term. This means having a good amount of relevant experiences in the field prior to going abroad is very important.

Here are some factors to take into considerations when you are choosing your internship site:

  • Criteria (e.g. major, language skills) listed in the internship position page
  • Term when the internship position is available
  • Experience you are seeking matches with intern's job description
  • Cost of internship listed in each position page
  • Geographical location of the internship
  • Cultural challenges you may encounter and your previous international experiences

If you plan to gain more professional experiences (e.g. part-time job, shadowing, domestic internships) between the time you apply for an international internship and when you plan to go abroad, feel free to include those plans in your cover letter and/or essays. As mentioned above, having a good amount of previous professional experience is crucial, and it is also one of the keys to a successful international internship experience.