Study Abroad

The OSU Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) administers, promotes, and advises OSU students, faculty, and staff on opportunities related to the International Degree program, study abroad, international internships and service learning, and education abroad scholarships and fellowships. OSU GO prepares OSU students to graduate from OSU with enhanced global awareness and intercultural skills, which are necessary to excel in a globally competitive job market.

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Study Abroad Programs

OSU GO provides over 200 international opportunities for education, internships and research in more than 70 different countries around the world.

IE3 Global Study Programs

OSU is home to IE3 Global study programs which offer students immersive and affordable study experiences. Enroll at a partner institution abroad and take classes side by side with local students or participate in an intensive program focused on language and culture. With options in the summer and during the academic year, programs are open OSU students as well as students from partner campuses throughout Oregon.
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Partner Organizations

OSU GO additionally supports education abroad programs that are managed by these partner organizations:

What an OSU GO Supported Program Means for You

OSU fully supports participation in education abroad programs that have been reviewed by the OSU GO Advisory Group to ensure a high quality experience and the safety of all participants. This extensive review process guarantees that our students will earn OSU resident credit by participating on these programs. Additionally, fully supported education abroad programs are the only programs that students can finance by accessing their OSU financial aid. While some programs may originate from OSU and others are offered by distinct program providers, only programs appearing on the OSU GO website qualify as fully supported by OSU.

OSU Faculty-Led Programs

If you are interested in an international experience led by OSU faculty and in the company of fellow OSU students, consider a faculty-led program. Faculty-led programs offer students the opportunity to pursue coursework in specific areas of study and for periods of time developed around OSU's academic calendar. Faculty-led programs are great matches for students looking for more support while abroad, and for those who have limited or no foreign language background.

OSU University Exchanges

If you are seeking a study abroad experience that is highly independent and culturally immersed, an exchange may be right for you. Exchange participants enroll directly at one of our partner universities and take classes with local students. Instruction is generally in the language of the host country. Some partner institutions are in English-speaking countries while others offer courses in English.