Internship Spotlight

Real-World Experience at Hydro Flask

On any given day this summer, outdoor products major and Hydro Flask sales intern Brendan Lewis might work with buyers to improve Hydro Flask’s in-store merchandising, make sure e-commerce sites are up-to-date with photos and branding, or help Hydro Flask’s team of sales managers with daily tasks. He loves every minute of it. “I do well with hands-on learning,” said Brendan. “I’m excited to be getting real-life experience in my field.”

The Outdoor Products Internship Program

The Outdoor Products Internship is an opportunity for each and every outdoor products major to customize their academic experience. Whether it be designing fly-fishing gear in the Rockies or modeling logistics solutions with international brands, the internship is an open path to explore and confirm the student's passion for the outdoors.

The Internship:

  • includes planned experiences at selected cooperating agencies, companies or institutions related to the Outdoor Products Industry
  • is supervised by University and organization personnel
  • is repeatable for a maximum of 8 credits

Course Progression

OP 307

Pre-Internship Seminar

Explores professions and internship preparation

Pre-req for Internship

1 credit
Offered every term

OP 410

Internship Experience

In-depth field experience to apply skills and knowledge

4 - 8 credits or 
120 - 240 hours
Offered every term

OP 410 Process and Timeline

Students are responsible for researching sites that interest you and provide the experience you are seeking. If you need assistance finding an internship site, please set up a meeting with the Experiential Learning Coordinator or your Faculty Internship Supervisor.

Step 1

2 Terms in Advance

Step 2

1-2 Terms in Advance
  • Research for sites using Internship Site List (coming soon!)
  • Meet with Experiential Learning Coordinator

Step 3

1 Term in Advance
  • Email 2-3 Internship Sites; explain interest, attach resume & cover letter
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Write Learning Objectives

Step 4

10-15 Weeks Before Starting Internship
  • Choose your internship site
  • Start background check, if required

Step 5

5-10 Weeks Before Starting Internship

Step 6

2-5 Weeks Before Starting Internship
  • Finalize schedule with site
  • Review Canvas course
  • Rock your internship!

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