Would you purchase a car without taking it for a test drive first? We didn’t think so. So why put money into an education to pursue a career that you haven’t given a trial run? Internships allow you to get in the driver’s seat of a certain occupation. 

Here are just a few things that you will gain from an internship experience:

  • Knowledge about the occupation, company, field, and industry
  • Hands-on experience to enhance your knowledge, skills, and resume for the future
  • Expanded network of professionals in a field of interest
  • An understanding of how you fit (or don’t fit) within that particular company or occupation
  • Confidence in your abilities and future career direction
  • A foot in the door to a company or organization that you may be interested in working for (a number of interns are later offered full-time or part-time employment within an organization)


Co-Curricular. If you are in a program that does not require an academic internship for graduation, acquire an internship for your own professional development.

Academic Credit. Some degree programs at OSU-Cascades require internships as part of their curriculum for graduation (HDFSHospitality ManagementKinesiologyTRALOutdoor Products). If you need to complete an internship for academic credit, make sure that you are registering for the practicum and/or internship course(s) and are working with your department’s internship placement coordinator or faculty.


Micro-Internships. Micro-internships are a new opportunity for our students to take part in short-term, professional, paid work experiences, hosted on the Parker Dewey platform. Learn more about how to get set up in Parker Dewey here. Through Micro-Internships, students can demonstrate their skills, explore career paths, and develop their professional networks. Unlike a traditional internship, these paid opportunities typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work, and many can be completed remotely. Not only does this help the companies, but it allows our students to get immediate support and enhance their professional experience. Get Experience. Get Paid. Get Hired.


International Internships. IE3 Global through the OSU Office of Global Opportunities has been offering dynamic, full-time international internships for more than 20 years. Partnering with over 130 businesses, organizations and agencies worldwide, our interns build marketable, professional and cross-cultural skills while experiencing significant personal growth. Our team of program coordinators support candidates and interns through all stages of the IE3 Global internship process, from the application process to returning home. 

  • 2020-2021 VIRTUAL INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIPS: Due to COVID-19, the IE3 Global team has developed a virtual international internship opportunity that allows students to continue building cross-cultural skills while working as a remote intern for international businesses, organizations or agencies. 

Finding an Internship

To find an internship in your field of interest consider the following: log on to Handshake to check out the latest internship listings, network with local companies of interest to inquire about internship opportunities, reach out to OSU alumni working in positions or organizations that are intriguing to you on LinkedIn.

The following internship search sites can also be helpful. But don’t rely on reacting to things that are already posted online. The more proactive you are in your search to seek out people and companies of interest, the more opportunities you will have presented to you. Additional resources can be found on the job search resources page.

Internship Search Sites

Earning Academic Credit

Many of the programs at OSU-Cascades allow you to do an internship for credit and count those credits toward graduation requirements. Since credits can't be earned retroactively, you need to get approval for your internship and register for the course prior to completing your experience. Most program pages have internship guidelines to follow, but all students ultimately will need to Request an Experience in Handshake in order to earn credit.

How to Request an Experience in Handshake


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