What you will gain

  • Knowledge about the occupation, company, field, and industry
  • Hands-on experience to enhance your knowledge, skills, and resume for the future
  • Expanded network of professionals in a field of interest
  • An understanding of how you fit (or don’t fit) within that particular company or occupation
  • Confidence in your abilities and future career direction
  • A foot in the door to a company or organization that you may be interested in working for (a number of interns are later offered full-time or part-time employment within an organization)

Types of internships

Internships for academic credit

Many degree programs at OSU-Cascades require internships as part of the curriculum for graduation. Reference your academic program webpage to find out if your major requires an internship! If you major does not require an internship for graduation, you may still do an internship and receive academic credit. All you need to do is follow the Internship Process!

Internships not for credit

Internships are a great opportunity for students to gain skills and qualifications for your career and are highly recommended, even if not for academic credits! Internships can help you figure out what careers and jobs interest you most and how to excel at them. More than half of all graduates say that an internship got them a job! Get Experience. Get Paid. Get Hired.

International internships

Contact the IE3 Global office for more information. OSU's Office of Global Opportunities has been offering dynamic, full-time international internships for more than 20 years. Partnering with over 130 businesses, organizations and agencies worldwide, interns build marketable, professional and cross-cultural skills while experiencing significant personal growth throughout the world. IE3 Global's team of program coordinators support students with all stages of the international internship process, from the application process to returning home.