Internship Process


  1. Review your academic program and internship requirements:
    • For your major, find out about the credits required, hours per week, learning objectives, and supervision requirements. See your program webpage for more information. 
    • Talk with your Academic Advisor about the best time to take an internship and the number of credit hours.
  2. Search for an internship site:
  3. Reach out to internship sites:
    • Send a professional inquiry email to two or three sites that you would like to intern with. Introduce yourself as a student and explain the internship requirements. 
    • Share your resume and cover letter, and set up an interview. 
    • Be sure to bring internship learning objectives or goals to discuss with the internship site during your interview. 
    • Decide which internship site best meets your internship learning objectives and career goals. 
  4. Connect with a Faculty Advisor:
    • Once you have found an internship site, connect with the designated Faculty Member for your major to ensure this will meet the program requirements.
    • The faculty member will serve as your Faculty Advisor throughout the internship experience and will grade you on the academic portion of the internship. If you do not know which faculty member to reach out to, contact the Career Development Center at
  5. Identify the Internship Site Supervisor:
    • This will be the person directly supervising you at your internship site.
  6. Request an Experience Request in Handshake:
  7. Register for course credits:


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