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5 Tips for Success When Working Remotely

Schedule Your Time

It’s helpful to schedule a period of time that you will devote to a certain class, assignment, or project. Try and set a deadline for yourself. We often are more productive when we know we have a limited amount of time to complete something, and it keeps us from procrastinating.

Take Breaks, Especially Outside

Did you know Vitamin D is good for your immune health!? Now more than ever is the time to get out, breathe fresh air and soak up those sun rays. While you’re outside, get moving! It gets your blood flowing so you return to your work ready and energized to move forward!

Stay Connected

We might have to maintain social distance, but we don’t need to stop socializing! There are great technological tools to help us stay in touch. Email a professor, call a family member, FaceTime a friend, or if you want to take it way back write a handwritten letter to someone who could use a little encouragement!

Research Online Productivy Tools

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Ask for Help

If you are having trouble understanding an assignment, or have a clarifying question on a class lecture, make sure to connect with staff and faculty and ask for assistance. We are here for you and want to support you in any way that we can!

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