You will need to explore to gain a better understanding of who you are and the majors and careers that might be a good fit for you. Gaining experience in these areas can help to solidify your choices and make a major or career decision you are confident about.

Major & Career Planning

  1. Complete the Focus 2 Career online assessment and reflect on past experiences to identify skills, values and interests that are important to you in your career
  2. Read about programs at OSU-Cascades and discuss major and minor options with your Academic Advisor
  3. Talk to Faculty and upperclassmen in majors you are interested in for additional information
  4. Visit the What Can I Do With My Degree page to research potential career directions for each major
  5. Take a wide variety of classes to broaden your exposure to various majors and career paths
  6. Utilize online resources to learn more about specific occupations that you are interested in
  7. Network with employers and alumni to perform informational interviews to gather additional information about specific companies and/or occupations
  8. Schedule an appointment with the Career Development Center to discuss what you have learned and how you can apply this knowledge to making decisions about majors and career paths
  9. Explore graduate and professional school paths related to career choices

Gain Experience

  1. Get involved in campus clubs and organizations and take advantage of leadership opportunities if possible
  2. Explore opportunities to study abroad to enhance cross-cultural knowledge and skills
  3. Actively engage in your community through volunteer activities
  4. Consider an on-campus job or part-time job while you are in school to build on your skills and experience