Program Coordinator Responsibilities and Incentive Options

Program Coordinator Responsibilities

Revised July 19, 2023


  • Coordinates annual schedule of courses working with all stakeholders including program faculty, the program advisor, and Program Director.
  • Utilizes instructor pool for new part-time faculty hiring and completes necessary paperwork to hire from the pool. Works with OSU-Corvallis for approvals to hire individual part-time faculty. Inclusion of part-time faculty within the program.
  • Typically, initial first point of contact for Corvallis-unit and local staff.

Estimated time commitment

Program Coordinators are provided a course release (3.5 credits, 10% of a 9-month salary) as outlined below. This equates to about 156 hours of effort across the year.


  • Instructor or tenured-professor (tenure-track assignment as an exception and should be considered carefully).
  • 3-year rotation when feasible with colleagues within the program. 


  • Program coordinators will receive a one course reduction in their workload.                                
  • The program coordinator can choose where in their workload (student-related activities, maintaining currency, or service) to take the 3.5 credit buyout.

*Graduate programs with accreditation and licensure may have different responsibilities.