National Undergraduate Research Week

National Undergraduate Research Week
April 15-19

Students share their research stories

“My Research Story” Video Challenge

Undergraduate students share their research with the campus community.


Innovation and Creativity Award

Innovating Adaptive Equipment for Local Student with Cerebral Palsy | Student Researcher: Rebekah O'Neill, Engineering Science. | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Xiang Zhang

People's Choice Award
Self-Rotating Heat Exchanger Prototype | Student Researcher: Gabriella Morescalchi, Energy Systems Engineering | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Xiang Zhang

Drama Therapy for PTSD in Combat Vets

Student Researcher: Levon Alldredge
Major: Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Debbie Coehlo
Briefly describe your project: I am investigating Drama Therapy as a clinical treatment modality for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in combat veterans.

Exploration of Belonging on Central Oregon Campuses

Student Researcher: Allison Barr
Major: Human Development and Family Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brianne Kothari
Briefly describe your project: Conceptualizing belonging on Central Oregon college campuses!

Wolf's Microbiome as it Relates to Dogs

Student Researchers: Jessika Bryant and Maya Barnard-Davidson
Major: Biology
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Bruce Seal and Dr. Evan Forsythe
Briefly describe your project: I am researching the microbiota composition and interactions within a wolf's gastrointestinal tract as it relates to domestic dogs. Our group is looking for potential putative probiotics for use in domestic dogs to treat inflammatory bowel disease. 

Biomechanics Lab - 3D Motion Capture

Student Researcher: Bethany Burr
Major: Kinesiology
Faculty Mentors: Dr. JJ Hannigan and Dr. David Phillips
Briefly describe your project: This video will feature an independent exploration of how 3D motion capture can be applied to other sports, like gymnastics.

Recirculating Aeroponics System to Grow Seaweed

Student Researchers: Daniel Reed Conway, Cody Hodges, Hayden Stevenson
Major: Engineering Science
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Sean Riley and Dr. Geoffrey Raynak
Briefly describe your project: Our project is a Recirculating Aeroponics System to grow various types of seaweed. The system maintains an ideal growth environment by monitoring water quality and environment conditions. It displays this data to a local website and has an email alarm system if a fault or out of tolerance reading is detected. The system also has a feedback control system to maintain ideal conditions. 

Floodplain Satellite Imagery

Student Researcher: Luke Donaldson
Major: Natural Resources
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Skuyler Herzog
Briefly describe your project: I am using satellite imagery to estimate evapotranspiration and vegetation health between degraded and reconnected floodplains on the Upper Crooked River. The data from this project will provide landowners and land management agencies in Central Oregon with the practicable benefits of restoring floodplains that have been disconnected from streams.

Self-Rotating Heat Exchanger Prototype

Student Researcher: Gabriella Morescalchi
Major: Energy Systems Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Xiang Zhang
Briefly describe your project: My research project is to design and prototype a self rotating heat exchanger to decrease fouling and make them more efficient.


Simulating Fluid Flow for Heat Exchangers

Student Researcher: Brayden Morse
Major: Energy Systems Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Xiang Zhang
Briefly describe your project: Simulating fluid flow for the complex geometry of heat exchangers is very time consuming and slows down the development progress for new designs. My research is focused on how to reduce that simulation time by replaced the complex geometry of the heat exchanger with a porous medium and testing those results against physical test prototypes.

Innovating Adaptive Equipment for Cerebral Palsy

Student Researcher: Rebekah O'Neill
Major: Engineering Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Xiang Zhang
Briefly describe your project: Innovating Adaptive Equipment for Local Student with Cerebral Palsy

Behavior & Personality of Preschool Children and Learning

Student Researcher: Lillian Parker
Major: Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Debbie Coehlo
Briefly describe your project: I am analyzing and observing the behavior and personality of preschool aged children and how it reflects how they learn and participate in an educational setting.

Celebration and Awards

Wednesday, April 17
1 to 2:30 p.m. in Ray Atrium

Two awards for OSU Cascades undergraduate students:

  1. Innovation and Creativity Award for the video the best represents the OSU Cascades first pillar. OSU Cascades embraces creativity, innovation and critical thinking as essential to success in a world where change is the only constant. OSU-Cascades builds upon an entrepreneurial culture, leads with cross-disciplinary thinking, and generates new ideas that help address contemporary world problems. OSU-Cascades sets high standards and embraces risk-taking.

    The Innovation and Creativity award winner will be selected by a panel of faculty and student judges and receive a cash award of $200 (shared if submitting as a team).
  2. People's Choice Award will be voted on by viewers and the winner will receive a cash award of $200 (shared if submitting as a team).