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Sustainability is a double degree offered in addition to a primary degree. You can also add a sustainability minor to any degree.

Alumna Spotlight

Going Out There to Build A Sustainable World


When Jennifer Soto moved to Bend a few years ago, she was determined to finish her bachelor’s degree. She had put her college career on hold while raising two daughters. Over the years she found meaningful work — from selling natural products to studying herbalism to semiconductor production — but was tired of starting at the entry-level wage. Jennifer’s attention to detail and ability to solve problems has led to success in accounting, and with a double degree in sustainability she looks forward to helping companies act responsibly. A member of the Institute of Management Accountants honor society, she received a scholarship to sit for the Certified Management Accountant exam. Her daughters couldn’t be prouder.

About the Degree

Sustainability is the philosophy that increasingly drives global business, organization and politics. Our changing world has presented challenges that future leaders will be called on to address, including climate change, reliance on traditional energy sources, water issues and a growing demand for socially and environmentally responsible products and services.

The sustainability double degree exposes students to these real-world problems and fosters knowledge, skills and abilities to address them in communities and workplaces. In step with the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability, the degree was designed to complement all OSU degree programs and to be earned as a second bachelor’s degree in addition to a major area of study.

Graduates emerge prepared to communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and apply knowledge of economic, business, scientific, and sociological principles of sustainability to a variety of career fields.

American Pika and Northwestern Bat Hub


In the Human and Ecosystem Resiliency and Sustainability Lab, you can study how populations of plants and animals respond to changing environmental conditions. The Lab has established long-term monitoring programs focused on American pika and bat species in the Pacific Northwest.

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Building a Green Campus


We have sustainability in mind with everything we do. Creating a net zero campus means the campus consumes only as much energy as it produces, balances water availability and demand, and eliminates waste sent to landfills. Already, buildings meet the highest environmental and energy saving standards, landscaping uses native plants that require minimum water, and students are learning how to leave the world better for future generations.

Careers in Sustainability

Career possibilities in the sustainability field are both exciting and rewarding:

  • Carbon and greenhouse gas management
  • Sustainability operations for private companies, universities and government entities
  • Sustainability marketing and market research
  • Sustainability and engineering manager
  • Sustainability/environmental performance assessment and monitoring
  • Sustainability specialist for waste, energy or water management
  • Sustainability strategic planning
  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • Sustainable packaging design and management
  • Sustainability coordinator for school districts, hospitals and for-profit organizations

Program Curriculum

Sustainability is a double degree offered in addition to a primary degree.
Earning a sustainability double degree begins with choosing a primary degree program major. Students are required to complete 180 credits in an OSU major and can receive a second bachelor of science degree in sustainability by completing an additional 36 credits. Start with a 17-credit core to learn the fundamentals of sustainability from social, ecological, and economic perspectives. Then select 16 additional credits to create an individualized course of study based on major and interests.

Courses for the sustainability core focus on assessment techniques, ecological dimensions of human societies, sustainable economic techniques and social principles of sustainable development. Individualized courses apply sustainability principles and practices to engineering, business administration, natural resource management, humanities, hospitality management, and natural resource policy and law. Students work in conjunction with the sustainability degree advisor to tailor the degree to their desired goals and outcomes.

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