OSAC: Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion Scholarships

Online application, varying eligibility requirements.


Oregon State Departmental Scholarships

Some scholarship opportunities are available for freshman and transfer students within their college or major. Each department administers their own scholarships, sets deadlines, posts and reviews applications, and awards based on their established criteria. Exploring your options couldn’t be easier! Visit the Oregon State Scholarship Database. Enter specific criteria or do a general search to see the opportunities available to you. Each scholarship hit will provide you with the name of the scholarship and criteria for award. Click on the hyperlinked scholarship name for information on applying and the managing entity that can provide additional information.


Local Scholarships for OSU-Cascades Students

Chapter FL, Oregon P.E.O. Scholarship

Application, transcripts, letter of reference, essay, income and expense statement. See application for more details.

Charles Beckley OHA Scholarship

Application, transcripts, lettter of reference, essay required. See scholarship information for more details.

Chavez-Huerta Scholarship

Application, first generation from east of the Cascades counties, attended community college east of the Cascades, bilingual, contribute to a diverse campus community, financial need


National Merit Scholarships

OSU participates with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) to award merit-based scholarships. Students selected as finalists in the College-Sponsored program who list OSU as their first-choice school on the NMSC application will receive an additional $8,000 over four years ($2,000 renewable annually).  Qualified finalists must apply for admission by February 1.


IB Diploma Scholarship

Students participating in an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program may qualify for the IB Diploma Scholarship. To qualify, entering freshmen must have scored a total of 30 or higher on the IB exam and indicated pursuit of the IB Diploma. Advanced awards will be offered in March with offers finalized once scores are verified by the IBO in July. Awards total an additional $12,000 over four years ($3,000 renewable annually).


Legacy Scholarships

The OSU Alumni Association Legacy Access Awards are for incoming freshmen or transfers who have a parent or guardian that is an Oregon State alumnus.  This scholarship is designed to assist prospective students that may not otherwise be able to afford college.  This is a need-based award with a one-time value of $2,000.  Qualifications include:  proof of legacy, 3.65 cumulative GPA, and 1200 SAT.  Selections are competitive and made in March during the competitive round.



The focus of the ROTC program is leadership, management, and character development in the hope of preparing students for careers in the Armed Forces.  Scholarships are awarded via national boards and selectively by the commanding officers of each unit. OSU also provides select ROTC students with additional Provost and Foundation Scholarship money that is awarded based on merit and financial need. More information can be gained by the following sites:



Scholarship Blog

The Scholarship Blog is a great way to quickly search the ever-changing scholarship landscape at OSU. New scholarships are added frequently for both prospective and current OSU students.


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