Advising Services - A Partnership with Faculty

Crockett and Habley (1987) expressed the following about advising. We use this definition to show the multi-faceted responsibility that the advisor faces with today's college student:

"Academic Advising is a developmental process which assists students in the clarification of their life/career goals and in the development of educational plans for the realization of those goals. It is a decision-making process by which students realize their maximum educational potential through communication and information exchanges with an advisor; it is ongoing, multi-faceted, and the responsibility of both student and advisor. The advisor services as facilitator of communication, a coordinator of learning experiences through course content and career planning and academic progress review, and an agent of referral to other campus services as necessary."

By maintaining a close relationship with faculty, specifically Program Leads, Academic Advisors can provide the following:

  • Assistance for students having academic difficulty;
  • Academic advising for admitted undergraduate OSU-Cascades Students
  • Coordination of advising documents and updating with curricular changes
  • Assist Lead Faculty in forecasting courses for future academic year and terms;
  • Assessment of advising effectiveness;
  • Referral to additional student support services such as career services, counseling, and tutoring;
  • Creation of an accurate and useful advising website.