Baccalaureate Core

General Education Requirements

General education requirements vary by school, but typically include courses to guarantee that all students have received the benefits of a well-rounded curriculum. At OSU-Cascades students complete the Oregon State University Baccalaureate Core requirements.

OSU Baccalaureate Core

The baccalaureate core is the general education component of undergraduate education at OSU. It emphasizes creative thinking, writing, world cultures, appreciation of differences, the arts, sciences, literature, lifelong fitness, and global awareness in 15 course categories. Students must complete a total of 48 credits plus the Writing Intensive Course (WIC). OSU-Cascades offers several baccalaureate core courses each term, but not every course each term. Students should work with their adviser to map out these classes over the course of the academic year. Make sure to check with your major curriculum to see if you have specific Bacc Core courses for your major.

Bacc Core from other Oregon Community Colleges can be found at the Community College Bacc Core equivalency website.

AAOT = Completed Bacc Core Skills and Perspectives

Do you have an AAOT or an ASOT-Business? Oregon community college students entering OSU-Cascades Fall term 1990 or thereafter, having completed the Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate Science Oregon Transfer (ASOT) degree will automatically have satisfied all Skills and Perspective requirements of the Oregon State Baccalaureate Core. Check with your program advisor to see if the AAOT is the best option for you.