There are a few different categories of course petitioning for OSU. Please read below to determine which best fits your situation. If you have any questions please contact your academic advisor for more clarification.

If you wish to petition a previous course to meet an OSU Bacc Core requirement you must follow the process below (work with your advisor to step through this process):

Step 1:

Work with your adivsor and check out the Bacc Core: Criteria and Rationale for the category you would like t o petition. Verify that the previous class taken does indeed meet the criteria. If you feel it does, go on to the next step.

Step 2:

Print out the Transfer Course Equivalency Petition. Fill out the section titled "to be completed by the student." Attach the following to the petition:

  • Clearly state your request (example: I would like ART 103 from Boise State University to fulfill the Literature and Arts requirement of the Bacc Core).
  • Course description of the class you took. You can generally find this in the institution's online catalog. If you cannot find it, contact the Registrar's Office at the institution from which you took the course.
  • Address how this class meets each each criteria as laid out in the website above.
  • If possible, attach the course syllabus, list the textbooks, and any additional supporting documentation that you feel would be helpful in reviewing your request.

Step 3:

Make a copy for your records. Submit the petition and all supporting documents to your Academic Advisor. Your advisor will forward the petition to the appropriate OSU-Corvallis Department for approval.

Step 4:

Wait approximately 1 month for the petition to be approved or denied. If approved, the petition then goes to the OSU Admissions Office. The OSU Admissions Office will notify you of the decision via your ONID email account. Your transfer records will be updated.

If you wish to petition a course to fulfill a requirement in your major:

You will need to work directly with your Academic Advisor. Each major department will have their own procedures for this type of petitioning. It would be beneficial for you to compile supporting documentation supporting your major requirement petition. For example a copy of your syllabus. Have all documentation ready for consultation with your Academic Advisor.