BeaverPrint Policies & Rates

BeaverPrint Policy


  • Users will be billed for printing via their university account
  • Users are asked to print 2 sided but are not required to
  • Printing inappropriate material, as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy, is strictly prohibited
  • Mass production of club flyers, newsletters, posters, is strictly prohibited. If multiple copies are desired users need to contact Student Life
  • If the print job is low quality (streaks, ghosting, and uneven toner) or the print job comes out garbled, the user may take the following steps to get credited for the print job. Staff members cannot issue printing credit
  1. Fill out a BeaverPrint Credit Request Form within 12 hours of the printout. Forms are available from the staff member on duty
  2. Attach the complete print job
  3. Turn it in to a staff member
  4. You will be notified of your request by the 1st of the month

BeaverPrint FAQ

Why are we are charging?

To recover our costs on printing. The funds we receive from the Technology Resource Fee do not cover printing expenses. Most universities charge for printing.

 What are the rates for each printer?

  • Black and White: $0.07/one-sided; $.09/double-sided
  • Color: $0.25/one-sided; $.40/double-sided

But I didn't print that many pages!

Please contact service desk at 541-737-8787 or by using the black phone in Tykeson computer lab

How will I be billed for my printing?

You will be billed via your university account

If my print out does not come out in very good quality how do I get credited?

Fill out an BeaverPrint credit form. See the directions given in the printing policy

How do I keep track of my how many pages where printed?

Log into and look at your printing information 

I printed something, but nothing came out. Will I be charged? OR The printer looked like it was going to print, but nothing came out. Will I be charged?

Most likely, no. The printer is asked the printer page count before and after the job is done, if the printer counter does not go up, because no pages went through the printer the count would be 0. If you are unsure, look at your print log at click on "Printing" on the left hand side.