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How to register and post a job:

Handshake is the OSU-Cascades Career Development Center's online career management system and is your online connection to Oregon State students and alumni. List part-time jobs for students while they are in school, on-campus jobs, summer full or part-time jobs, internships and full-time positions.

Before posting opportunities to Handshake, please review Oregon State University's Employer Policies.

  • Create a user account: To access Handshake, a user account is required. Create an employer account at
    • More detailed instructions for setting up a new employer account.
    • Use your corporate email address if you have one. This will not only ensure that your company profile displays as an option to connect with if the company is on Handshake, but it can expedite the approval process.
  • Request to join your existing company profile on Handshake, or create a new one:
    • After you confirm your email, you are prompted to search for your company and request to join their company profile or create a new company profile if your company is not already on Handshake.
    • If your company is already on Handshake: your company will populate as an option to select from.
    • If your company is NOT already on Handshake: you will have the option to create a new company profile. Learn How to Create a New Company Profile.
  • Validate your employer account, or connect with your existing company profile:
    • Employers who create a new company profile are manually reviewed and validated by our Trust and Safety team. After your account is validated, you will receive an email notification and will be able to log in. Learn more about our Employer Validation.
    • Users who are joining an existing company profile will either automatically connect with their company profile, or wait to be approved by the owner of their company's profile on Handshake. If you've requested to join your existing company profile, the approval process is dependent upon the company's profile settings.
      • If your company auto-approves new user accounts with their company email domain, you will be redirected to your homepage in Handshake and prompted to set up your Applicant Status Messaging Preferences.
      • If your company doesn't automatically approve new user accounts with their company email domain, the request will be sent to the owner of the company profile for review and approval. For more information, refer to Pending Approval to Join Company.
  • Customize your profile: Once your new employer account is validated, or you connect with your existing company profile, you can customize your user profile. A well-crafted user and company profile plays a vital role in shaping your brand and building rapport and trust with our students and school partners. Put your best foot forward with a complete user and company profile.
  •  Set notification preferences: While there are default notification settings enabled, you may customize how and when you receive communication from Handshake. Explore your Default Notification Preferences (Employers).
  • Connect with schools: To connect with schools, you must either post a job to the desired school(s) and receive job approval, or contact the desired school(s) and ask to be proactively approved if you do not have a job to post.
    Please note that when "connecting with a school" on Handshake, select Oregon State University (Cascades and Corvallis campus are one and the same in the system). How can I get approved by schools?

  • Post a Job:

    • From your home dashboard, click Post a Job (you can also post internships, experiential learning, or volunteering opportunities).

    • Follow the instructions and set your job posting preferences. Be sure to select Oregon State University when adding your schools (Cascades and Corvallis campus are one and the same in the system).

    • Click Save in the lower right corner to save your job and send your posting out to schools to be reviewed.

    • How to Post a Job

    • Understanding Job Posting Approvals

Explore Handshake Employer Help Center

If you still need assistance after exploring the Help Center above, please contact the OSU-Cascades Career Development Center.

Is your business a franchise of a larger company? If so, you have two options for how to make it stand out in Handshake:

  • OPTION 1: Create a Division within the larger company, highlighting your local office.
  • OPTION 2: Create a separate account, not affiliated with the larger company. Click on “Create New Company” on Step 3 of the registration process. You may need to contact Handshake Support to finalize your profile if you share an email domain with the larger company.

For nanny, babysitting, housesitting, caretaking, personal tutoring, or other personal positions like these, we recommend that they be posted to any local job board such as Craigslist or Care.Com. We don't allow personal posts in Handshake.