Evaluating Job Offers

Salary isn't the bottom line

The bottom line is whether or not you use your skills in a good setting where you can do your most effective work, serving the people you like to serve, working with enjoyable co-workers in a place that honors your value system and leaves you time for a life outside of work.

The Position

  • Do you like it?
  • In your gut, are you looking forward to learning and working this job?
  • Does this job allow you to use your best skills and those you most enjoy using?
  • Is the level of Responsibility consistent with what you want and need?
  • Do you like the clients/customers or whomever you would be serving/working with?
  • You will be expected to bring or develop certain knowledge? Does the thought of working all day, using that knowledge, excite you? Interest you? Bore you?
  • Will you be provided regularly, with training and professional development opportunities?  
  • Can you be happy doing this every day?

The Organization

  • Evaluate the financial condition of the organization. Publicly held companies make financial statements available through their Annual Report. Smaller, private companies may provide only what information you glean from your interview and relevant conversations with staff.
  • Ask professionals in the industry about the company and its “health”.
  • Read business publications; find articles where this organization is mentioned.
  • Do you support their primary activity (product, service)? 
  • Are your values in line? 
  • Do you think you can work well with your supervisor?Do you have a good feeling about them? Do you ‘connect’?
  • How do you feel about the prospective co-workers you met?
  • Do you know how closely you will be working with certain people? Did you like them?
  • What is your space like? Can you be productive there? Is it a physically pleasant environment?

The Impact

  • How does this job fit with your overall career goals? Is it a logical stepping-stone?
  • Will it provide skills and background that will be helpful in moving forward?
  • Are you interested enough in the industry that you want to learn and grow in it?
  • What is the career ladder like?
  • Are there opportunities for advancement within the organization?
  • What will this job prepare you for, i.e. where could you be in five year?

The Lifestyle

  • Will taking this job require you to make any major changes to your life?
  • Really early or late start time?
  • Work weekends?
  • More than 40 hours a week?
  • Travel?
  • If you don’t move, will this bring you a killer commute? If so, can you move or car-pool or take a bus?
  • Will this have a negative affect on your personal /social life?

The Offer

Refer to the salary page to assess the salary offer and total compensation package for the position.

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