Entrepreneurship Series

Let's Talk About Being An Entrepreneur

Business administration senior Megan Bolt has the heart of entrepreneur. “I have a strong desire to create my own path,” she said. “I always have a list of ideas going.” For example, after four summers working at a fishing lodge in Alaska, she discovered that most fishing gear is made for men. So she started Raddr, a company that develops gear for women in the maritime industry.

Megan Bolt recording a podcast
When she’s not designing prototypes or seeking funding opportunities, Megan loves to talk business. She’s doing that weekly on a new entrepreneurship series she created for Career Lift, the Career Development Center’s podcast.

Inspired by the popular podcast, How I Built This, Megan interviews local business founders, entrepreneurs and CEOs. She’s talked to the founder of a leading outdoor products subscription box, the creator of a digital tool that makes it easier for realtors to book showings, and the owner of a company that makes 3D models of organs for surgeons-in-training to practice on.

The common theme? They all started by trying to solve a problem. And, said Megan, they weren’t afraid to jump in and act on a great idea. “My favorite part of the podcast is that it’s so human,” she said. “Starting your own business comes with failures and disappointments before you succeed. You change your approach. You keep trying new things.”

Megan releases a new show every Monday, and she’s learned to record, edit and publish it herself. She enjoys it so much, she’s thinking about starting a new podcast after she graduates. We can’t wait to listen.

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