Connect with Professionals

Over 80% of positions are obtained with help from someone you know

If you haven't met them yet, allow us to introduce you.

1. Start with people that you already know

This includes family, friends, colleagues, classmates, professors, etc.. Are any of these people directly involved in your field of interest? Do they know other people that could get you connected to professionals in your field of interest? Create a list of your immediate network with notes on how they could possibly assist you in the career exploration and job search process.

"Hi Aunt Marta. I have been exploring career options for after I graduate and would like to learn more about different opportunities in finance. Working in real estate, do you know any mortgage brokers or loan officers that you would be willing to introduce me to for an informational interview?"

2. Grow your network with people that you haven't met yet

Engage in OSU-Cascades Career Communities, attend local networking events, reach out to business owners in the communities you want to live in, get involved in professional associations, and connect with professionals and OSU alumni on LinkedIn. We are here to help you plant the seed and provide the TLC your network needs to thrive.