Science Pubs 2009-2010

October 20 • McMenamins, Bend 

Jeff Clawson, OSU Food Science and Technology, Fermentation Program

Science Pub Bend premieres with a presentation on beer by Jeff Clawson of the highly regarded Fermentation Sciences program at OSU.  Join us to learn about the history of beer making.


November 17 • McMenamins, Bend

Defining a 21st Century Education

Jay Casbon, OSU-Cascades Graduate Teaching Program

Today’s middle and high school students’ approach to learning is influenced by technology, the media and a global environment. These young people require a new classroom environment.  Join  Jay Casbon to examine how schools can prepare them for the rigors of an ever-changing world.


January 19 • McMenamins, Bend

The Grateful Dead and American Culture

Natalie Dollar, OSU-Cascades Liberal Studies Program

The Grateful Dead and their fans have had a remarkable impact on American culture and music culture.  Natalie Dollar will explore the Grateful Dead’s business model, communication forms, and their approach to Americana music -- and examine the legacy the band and the Deadheads have left around the world.

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March 1 • Three Creeks Brewery, Sisters

The Toughest Race on Earth: The Science Behind the Iditarod

Erica McKenzie, Asst. Professor, OSU College of Veterinary Medicine

NOTE: As of 2/26 this event is almost sold-out.

For veterinarian Erica McKenzie, the race from Anchorage to Nome offers an opportunity to discover more about animal physiology and performance.  She has worked with sled dogs for six years and has been part of three Iditarods.  Join us to learn what makes these canine athletes so successful at what they do, and so distinct from other dogs.


March 16 • McMenamins, Bend

First Impressions

Frank Bernieri, Associate Professor, OSU Department of Psychology

It’s no secret that people often judge each other based on immediate intuitions. We make split-second judgments all the time.  Social psychologist Frank Bernieri’s work on first impressions has been seen on TV and widely published.  Join him in a discussion about how much first impressions can really tell us.

April 20 • McMenamins, Bend

Organic Produce, Clean Soil and Local Food

James Cassidy, Crop and Soil Science, OSU Department of Agricultural Sciences

Soil science may not be sexy, but if you want great organic produce, that’s where it begins. Oregon’s bounty of fruits, vegetables, berries, and wine emanate from those humble origins.  Discover how James Cassidy and OSU agricultural scientists break ground daily to learn how plants and soil interact to provide the healthiest foods.

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May 18 • McMenamins, Bend

Why Some Bridges Fall Down

Chris Higgins, Professor, OSU Department of Civil and Construction Engineering

The collapse of the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis and the problems with the San Francisco Bay Bridge are a clear signal of the deterioration of our national transportation infrastructure. These failures highlights the importance of bridges to the welfare of the communities they serve. In this presentation, Chris Higgins analyzes bridge collapses and highlights state-of-the-practice methods used, and research contributions made, to ensure safety in Oregon and beyond. He'll also describe why some bridges fall down, and most don’t (or haven’t yet!).

June 15  •  Coyote Ranch, Redmond

The Cheese Stands Alone: The Science behind Oregon’s Acclaimed Artisan Cheeses

Lisbeth Goddik, OSU Food Science and Technology, Dairy Processing Program

Oregon wine is mighty fine, but, increasingly, no one does cheese like the Beaver State.  Lisbeth Goddik has helped the artisan cheese industry grow in Oregon through classes and her work in France with artisan cheese makers.  Join this lively presentation on the science of cheese making and a discussion of why Oregon cheeses stand out in a crowd.