Adding DPP As A Current Student

To add the Degree Partnership Program to your admission status, you will need to update your application in Beaver Basecamp.  Please do the following:

Login to your OSU Beaver Hub Account

  • Check to make sure you do not have any holds on your university accounts
    • Click on the Academics Tab
    • Look in the Academic Overview section for holds - or check the top data block in your MyDegrees account
If you have a hold on your account - you must have it cleared before proceeding to add DPP to your account.

To Add DPP:

  • Log into Beaver Hub
  • Search in Resources for “Online Services
  • Click on OSU Online Services Direct link in the results
  • Click on Admission
  • Click on Adding Degree Partnership Program (DPP)
  • Choose your Partner Community College
  • Submit Request
  • Login to your ONID Email account and Complete the DocuSign Form.  Problems finding your DocuSign Form?  You can also login to OSU's DocuSign directly by using this link.