A Way Forward

Our greatest challenge is to find it.

A record 77%
of Americans believe
that our nation is divided
on the most important values.*

As leaders and citizens, we are challenged to engage in civil and productive discourse, and to bridge political and cultural divides. The impact is a stalemate on society’s most critical issues: Healthcare. Social justice. The environment. Gun rights.

Our country is at a crossroads. Our imperative is to find a way forward.

*Gallup survey, 2016


A New Kind of Conversation

Our work is to find a new way forward.

The level of inquiry undertaken at The Laboratory for the American Conversation is painstaking, novel — and necessary. By investing time to understand all sides of an issue, respect differences, and honor traditions — and to bring science-based methodology to a solution — our experts bridge divides where there was once impasse.

Their method is one of partnership, working across political and cultural lines. The expertise they bring is in cultural and psychological theory, public health research, empirical evidence gathering and analysis, and message development.

The result? New narratives and forward motion on the toughest of challenges.

Laboratory for the American Conversation Fund

Your generous gift will support the Laboratory for the American Conversation’s timely and relevant initiative to bring real science and effective outreach to advance civil discourse. The fund will create undergraduate fellowships, leverage federal grant applications, bring national experts for a speaker series on civil discourse, develop non-partisan communication tools, and support Laboratory researchers ability to extend their expertise to local, state and national audiences.

Your support will advance productive dialogue and common understanding in our nation.

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