The 2023 application opens on September 15, 2022.

A complete application will include the items listed below. All of these items except the official transcripts can be found in or uploaded to the online application. All listed items are due by the application deadline. For full admission to the graduate teaching program, students must demonstrate and submit the following:

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Official Transcripts
    • Official transcripts from each institution are required, including any graduate coursework or degrees completed
    • Minimum GPA of 3.0 in undergraduate degree and all work completed thereafter (if you have questions or concerns regarding your GPA, please contact our placement coordinator)
  3. Résumé
    • We require our applicants to use the linked résumé template.  Once completed, please upload as a pdf.  
  4. Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) Character Questionnaire
    • The TSPC Character Questionnaire is available via the link above.  The questionnaire will include a list of instructions followed by ten questions.  
  5. Statement of Objectives - please address the following in 2-4 pages
    • Personal qualities, values and professionally related experiences that make graduate study in teaching appropriate for you
    • Highest hopes and greatest concerns about yourself as a student and as a teacher
    • Experience working with diverse populations
    • Overall preparation to enter your chosen endorsement (content) program
  6. Three Letters of Recommendation - You will need to provide Name and Email Address information for 3 references, not related to you. When your application is processed, an email is sent from OSU to each reference writer asking them to submit a confidential electronic letter for you.  Please direct references to directly if they have any issues with this system.  The reference letters must be received by the deadline for an application to be considered complete.  Please plan accordingly for submission of your application to allow sufficient time for references to submit letters on your behalf.  Please direct questions or concerns regarding this timeline to Enrollment Services, or 541-322-3100.  You must have one reference for each of the following areas – academic ability, fit for the profession and character.
    • Academic Ability
      1. Critical thinking skills, collaborative problem solving, commitment, reliability, ability to work at graduate level, etc.
    • Fit for the Profession
      1. Experience with students, (both in and out of the classroom), collaboration, planning for instruction, communication, passion, volunteer experience, etc.
    • Character
      1. Experiences with children/teens, elements of character that highlight candidacy for teaching, ethics, etc.
  7. Content Knowledge Demonstration
    • Content knowledge may be demonstrated through a passing NES test score or through a Non-NES Content Knowledge Demonstration. Read more here
  8. Core Content Competency List (CCCL) - please fill out endorsement specific document and upload as pdf (if you applying for more than one content area, please submit a completed core content for each endorsement)
  9. Experience Working with Children - Complete and upload the Experience Working with Children form outlining your experience working with youth. A minimum of 40 hours is recommended and may include any of the bullet points listed below.  Applicants must provide verifiable experience interacting with children/students through one or more of the following activities by the time of matriculation into the program.

  • K-12 Public School

  • Practicum coursework

  • Mentoring programs

  • Summer camps

  • Tutoring

  • Coaching

  • Educational programs

Please make sure your first and last names appear on all of your application materials. You may submit your materials in one of the following methods:

Enrollment Services
1500 SW Chandler Avenue
Bend, OR 97702