"Micro-mobility" solutions include various forms of personal mobility devices that may or may not be motorized. Depending on speed of travel, they may be used in the travel lane, bike lane, or sidewalk. Current examples include shared bikes and electric scooters, but automotive manufacturers are developing new devices that may not resemble anything we've seen before.

Bike Share

OSU-Cascades launched the Zagster bike share program in Bend in 2016. The program has expanded through private sponsorship to include 55 bikes at 8 stations, primarily on Bend’s west side.  We’re working to expand the system to 100 bikes city-wide, using new GPS-enabled “dockless” technology that will allow use of both dedicated racks and the city’s large network of public bike racks.

The Mobility Lab is working with the City of Bend to pilot shared electric scooters in Bend in Spring 2020. We're facilitating conversations with interested scooter share operators and helping the City define the operating parameters and policy based on best-practices from other cities.