The lab launched Ride Bend, an on-demand, app-based transit service for community members and students in summer 2019. The service continued through fall and into winter 2020 before being cancelled due to the pandemic. Ride Bend is likely to return to the streets summer 2022 and additional services could be offered in various corners of Bend through 2022 and into 2023.

OSU-Cascades Launches Microtransit Solution - Sep. 6, 2018

Funded by the City of Bend, Visit Bend, Bend Metropolitan Planning Organization, Cascades East Transit, and St. Charles Health System.

Data Analytics



Mobility is increasingly being offered as a service by companies that facilitate sharing of bikes, cars, and scooters through mobile apps. This trend is growing and has potential to impact the number of miles driven alone in motor vehicles in Central Oregon.

The team is helping transportation managers in Central Oregon understand what tools are available to manage the data and how various owners of data can work together to develop a single database to inform future transportation decisions and investments in the region.

The Mobility Lab is working with the City of Bend to pilot various forms of "micro-mobility", "small vehicles", or personal mobility devices. We are facilitating conversations with operators and helping the City define the operating parameters. We started the Zagster program in Bend in 2017 and were sad to see the operator, Zagster, declare bankruptcy in 2020. Zagster's exit made way for a new operator, Bird Rides, LLC who launched in Bend in summer 2022.

Bike Share Program Expands with Sponsors 10 Barrel and SELCO - Jul 27, 2018

We will support communications programs aimed at educating and engaging the community in the conversation about transportation improvements that can sustain Bend’s livability.