Undergraduate Degree Offered

Bachelor of Science in Outdoor Products

Degree Requirements

A total of 180 quarter credits are required to graduate, including 60 upper-division credits. Requirements include:
Baccalaureate core: 24-27 credits
Outdoor Products Major Requirement: 117 credits

Degree Checklist and Guides

Outdoor Products Curriculum Checklist (PDF)

Oregon Community College Outdoor Products Transfer Guides

Academic Progression Model

Academic Progression Model requires students to maintain a 2.5 OSU GPA and earn 65% of the credits they attempt at OSU. College-specific progression standards apply to all students in the College of Engineering. These standards relate to staying in good academic standing within your major and are different from staying in good standing with OSU.

Undergraduate Academic Progression Model

Four-Year Sample Plan

This is a sample plan intended for informational purposes only. Students will work with their OSU academic advisor to create degree plan that works best for each student based around unique interests, goals and transfer work.

Outdoor Products 4-Year Sample Plan (PDF)


Outdoor Products Minor (30 credits)
Students majoring in other programs at OSU-Cascades can choose to complete the outdoor products minor.

Outdoor Products Minor Checklist (PDF)